Garrigans In Flight – Fall Update 2023

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Dear partners in ministry,

We hope you are doing well as fall arrives and wanted to update you on how the Lord was at work this summer and some things we are looking forward to coming up!

In addition to his usual flight instructing, Sean has been wearing his IT hat a lot. Some of his summer projects included an IT and cyber security audit. One accomplishment that he has been working diligently on for some time that was completed is a server for the Rus Rus base. This will help our team there by centralizing files for aircraft maintenance and flight operations along with patient records when they get digitized.

Paper record keeping at Rus Rus
Fencing project at Rus Rus

Sean has also had some opportunities to make good connections with other missionary pilot training organizations. In mid-September he was invited to SOAR (Service Oriented Aviation Readiness) in Bolivar, MO to collaborate with other small missionary pilot training organizations. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and networking. Sean was reminded how much the Lord has done at MAG since we first arrived to shape the training we provide and now we can use our 7 years of labor and learning to help others in this big Kingdom goal of preparing pilots for the mission field. We are unique because most organizations either are a sending organization or a training organization. Doing both gives us a vantage point not everyone has. Getting to MO and home was quite an adventure as Sean and another missionary pilot in the southern part of NC flew out together in a 172 (a 4 seater airplane). Even though it was a solid 6 hours of flying each way it was still quicker than driving or multiple legs on an airline.

Sean with Bill Kilgore flying to MO
Attending Mission Aviation Specific Training Summit at SOAR in MO
Mountain flying while traveling to MO
Considering weather and terrain around Asheville NC

The Holy Spirit is also at work building relationships here in Burlington. One of the major airport users here in Burlington is Labcorp. Our team was invited this week to share about MAG and our safety practices at their safety stand down this week. We are always on the look out for how the Lord would have us be a good neighbor to others flying in and out of Burlington. We are also thankful to have our neighbors back! The runway at Burlington was shut down for the month of August. We praise God the project was kept on schedule and that we were able to continue flight training from another location while there was a need to do so.

Steven Brumfield

We are excited our next apprentice Steven Brumfield is arriving this week. He will be our youngest apprentice yet, having completed his airframe & powerplant certificate while in high school. Carmen has been journeying with him since his acceptance while has been raising his support. God has really revealed Himself as a good provider and Steven’s faith has been built up in new ways! Another of our apprentices, Bryan, and his wife Maria, are currently in Africa checking out a couple ministries they are considering serving with once Bryan completes his pilot training with MAG. Please pray that Steven gets off to a great start in Burlington and for discernment for the Martins as they pray through all they encountered in Africa.

Bryan & Maria Martin
Martin’s visiting Kenya and Zambia on a vision trip
Relocating our 206 during the airport closure
Aircraft inspection time in Guatemala
Using oxygen during flights to keep patients stable

Sean is headed to California (LA & San Diego) October 4-11 to connect with current and potential supporters. If you are in the area and would like to meet up with Sean while he is in town please reach out. Also, please ask the Lord if there is anyone in your circle whom you think would be interested in hearing about our ministry. Sean will be speaking at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Escondido on Sunday October 8 during both of their services.

Our team in Honduras continues to help with flights for critically ill patients. Check out this video of one of Brad’s recent flights.

Finally some Garrigan family news… we are expecting boy/girl twins around the end of the year! We are excited God is adding to our family and keeping our gender ratios even. Please pray for strength for Carmen, healthy babies, and for all of us in this big change.
Ultrasound of the twins

We are grateful for your presence in our lives and your partnership in the Gospel!

Blessings in Christ,

Sean and Carmen Garrigan

Our 206 taking off at a grass airstrip south of Burlington and returning to HQ after the runway reopened.