MAG Airraft Banner - NewsletterSean’s Role at MAG

Sean primarily serves as a flight instructor to train, equip, maintain, and support MAG’s full-time staff of field pilots.

Sean’s secondary role is to flight train and mentor the apprentices that come through MAG’s flight program in partnership with MMS Aviation.

He is excited for the opportunity to prepare, train, and mentor pilot/mechanic apprentices for Kingdom work through the service of aviation.

Carmen’s Role at MAG

Carmen looks forward to encouraging and caring for the apprentice families during their time in Burlington and mobilizing the local church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Sean & Carmen’s Role at MAG

While we have our main roles with MAG, we have an additional role. We have two flocks that God has entrusted us to shepherd. The first flock is the MAG staff, the apprentices and their families. The second flock is our team of supporters. It is also a priority to care for our supporters through prayer and encouragement while you are praying for and encouraging us.